Yaki Nasu is eggplant & I quite like it as prepared by SQwers. It's bland (no onion, garlic, salt or pepper) but I enjoy the contrast it provides to more flavorful SQwers dishes (like sushi & teriyaki).
Everything was great, only one issue - I placed my large orger, for a group of friends, the order early and specified the order to be placed at 6:45pm, expecting the food to be delivered around 7:30-7:45pm - and the food was delivered shortly after placing it. Luckily I had enough room in my refrigerator and in the oven to keep things cold and hot. I can typically appreciate an early delivery, but when placing an order in advance, please pay closer attention to time requested to be placed. Otherwise all else was great thank you!!
Perfect and On Time for a Business Lunch! Thank you!
The rolls themselves were tasty, but it took an hour and a half for delivery! I called to get a status update and they had told me the driver would be there soon, as he had just left a few minutes prior. It still took 30 min to arrive!
Any questions please call us.